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Best ways to detangle your hair natural

Posted on Oct 19, 2016 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

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Detangling your hair is the most difficult part of all hair care. Many have the desire to grow their hair long, but are struggling with retaining length. Carefully detangling your hair is necessary, so that you don’t break all of your hair.Instead of using all the different products that are available in the market, there are ways you can detangle them naturally.


Wet and Condition your hair

Instead of using the different detangle product that are now available in market, just make your hair wet and apply a generous amount of a slippery conditioner. When your hair are damp apply lots of conditioner, this is a very initial stage of detangling. When the hair is damp and lots of conditioner is applied, it is in a very ideal state for detangling. Water and conditioner gives lubrication and slip to the hair, which will make it super easy to detangle. Like car parts need lubrication to move smoothly, your hair also needs lubrication in order for your comb or brush through. The more slippery your hair is, the easier will be for your comb to go through it. Wet hair with lots of slippery conditioner can make it easy for your rough and tangled breezy hair. Ensure to be very gentle with your hair, as wet hair is very weak and can break easily.



Divide your hair into small-to-medium sections

Take all your hair and divide them into sections, you can use hair clips to section your hair. Taking small parting of hair at a time makes it a lot easier to identify knots and work through them carefully. After all the tangels are detangled, smoothen it by rubbing oil onto the ends with your fingers so that they are moisturize and will protect it against future knots.



Detangle while in the shower

For the people who have highly textured hair or very damaged hair, you might want to detangle in shower. After shampooing, soak your hair properly and loosen up the knots with your fingers.



How to prevent tangles in the future


Keep your hair regularly trimmed

Split and dry ends throw in massively to tangles. Make an effort to keep your ends healthy by getting them trimmed regularly. One should get it trimmed every 2-3 months. There are many people who avoid getting their hair trimmed because they want long hair. But as unreal as it may sound, regular trims are necessary to grow and maintain long hair!

Hairdresser Cutting Hair


Sleep on top of a silk pillowcase or with your hair in a silk bonnet

Friction causes tangles, while silk is soft and slippery surface trim down abrasion while you sleep.



While washing your hair, focus only on your scalp

Generally, tangles come about as a consequence of shampooing procedure because you are rubbing your hair all around. When shampooing, concentrate all of your effort on the scalp only so that you minimize the amount of movement on the ends of the hair.



We hope these tips help those of you with tangles.

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