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6 autumn wedding hairstyles to do on your special day

Posted on Oct 14, 2016 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

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Wedding is something that every girl dreams of since her childhood, and having that perfect weeding is the dream of every bride. On your special day you want everything to be just right! The major part of which is your makeup and hair.For your perfect day we give you six of the best and easy to do hairstyle which will make your special day unforgettable.Gorgeous temperate weather and natural foliage is a perfect setting for a fall wedding, SIX easy to do hairstyles for your wedding.

1. French Braid Twist

Starting with curling your hair, a full head of loose curls, it is simple to turn an everyday style into something really idealistic and wedding day worthy.Braid your hair in a fine and lose French braid and finish the look with a floral comb or sparkly hair accessory.This simple twist will express the essential feature of your look and give you the graceful look that you need on your wedding day.The beautiful hair accessory will elevate the style while a few loose strands will give the bride a natural and approachable look.


2. Low Bun

This is the most elegant look that any bride could ware on her special day.It doesn’t matter what neckline you are wearing, this look will never let you down.It’s the most simple and easy to do hairstyle which would just take five to seven minutes.All you need is a few bobby pins, a tuck and a roll. Start with messy waves, roll from tip of your hair to the back of your neck adjust it with some bobby pins which will give your locks a transformation into a voluminous and effortless chic style.Fall weddings are generally more formal in nature, so a formal up do like this classy style may be just what you’re looking for.


3. High Braided Crown

This braid is also known as Dutch braid or inside out braid.It looks quit complex but in fact it’s extremely simple to do when you do it yourself.Start from the back part of your ear, and then split your hair into three sections.Then begin to braid it, as you would braid a French braid, making sure to curve it around the crown of your head.Once you’ve reached the nape of your neck, finish the style with a regular braid, secure, and pin to meet the starting point and their you will have an elegant hairstyle on your special day.


4. Retro Curls

Not only you have to pin your hair back to achieve the right look for your wedding.These retro waves will give you an elegant look and are easy to style.Simply wash and condition your hair then, create a deep side part, curl and clip small sections of hair, blow dry them once all your hair have curled up and let sit.Once the curls have cooled, take away the clips and brush from side to side, and you will be left with those Gatsby-glam waves.


5. Ponytail Twist

A straightforward yet stunning look that any working bride would not be able to part with, is this ponytail twist. It’s a glammed up version that will be your best bet.The most simple and easy to do hairstyle.The bouffant gives essential volume to the style, while the wrapped strands hide any elastic and ensure the look is formal enough for the wedding day.


6. Knotted Up do

A hair do with Texture and volume doesn’t necessarily mean a messy hair hairstyle—and this remarkable style is the perfect example for it. The loose, imperfect twist is a little bit playful, a little bit romantic, and simply perfect for a more casual affair—like a beach wedding.


Accessories your fall hair do, which will give you a stunning look at your special day and in the end, fall weddings are worth every bit of effort.

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