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5 Tips on how to choose the right short hairdo for you

Posted on Oct 7, 2016 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

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There are many things that you have to consider when it comes to choose a hairstyle that’s just right for you. Gone are the days when their used to be only one or two hairstyles that were trendy enough to follow by everyone.

We tend to get bored by same look! If you are looking for something to change in your normal look, a new haircut is the best option for you that will do the trick. There are many countless and beautiful haircuts that one can choose from. It is not necessary that a hairstyle that that looks good on some person will look good on you too!


There are certain factors that “if” you consider before a haircut, the results will be satisfactory and pleasing for long run.

1. Consider your texture

Texture is one of the most important factors that one must take into consideration while shortening your hair. We easily get carried away by the gorgeous looking Celebes and their hairstyle and in rush even get that haircut! But then after two three weeks regret it for life. But in here you need to think about your hair texture, weather your hair are curly or straight or wavy. Not every haircut works for all face shape, the same rule applies for hair textures and thickness. For instance, if you have thick wavy hair, a pixie cut wont suit you as much as it does on someone who has straight silky hair.


2. Figure out your face shape

Your face, head, neck, and jaw line all affect what style and length will look best on you. The reverse is also true. Your profile will change after a cut, which will potentially change the way you dress and the jewelry you wear. This is the most important feature that you should keep in mind while getting a new hair cut. This is the ideal thing that can make or break your day. People with oval face can rock almost any haircut. But for the ones with round face the scenario is completely different, they must generally avoid very short hairstyles as this will make their face look smaller. The ones with large forehead must consider having bangs. This will add balance to your face and prevent your forehead from stealing the show.


3. Look at your schedule

The maintenance that comes along with a new style is also one of the factors that you need to keep in mind. Shorter the hair more will be the trips to salon and more styling time at home.
When you lose the weight of long hair your roots go in whatsoever direction they want. If you are more of a wash and go type of a person, you might want to reconsider pixie cut. Some haircut might look cute, but its important to consider whether you’ll be willing to deal with the styling and maintenance that it will require.


4. Progress gradually

If you are intermediate by everything that a short haircut has to offer, there’s no reason to shear off all your hair at once. Go slow with progress, ease yourself into it. Sometimes you take a leap of faith and go from long healthy hair to short blunt. One might be happy with their haircut but then you start missing your long hair. It’s advisable not to hurry, start with cutting down some inches and then gradually

5. Think about your favorite features

Some haircut will accentuate and enhance your facial features and make them stand out more. Like, for making your eyes stand out, consider a haircut that has bangs which skim the top of your eyebrows to draw more attention on your eyes. Also consider your least favorite facial feature, everyone has their least favorite facial feature a right type of haircut will help you in masking it. For instance the people with big ears can opt for a longer cut or a short cut but with more volume. A great haircut for you can help downplay and distract from features you don’t love.


Your hair is unique and should be celebrated and enhanced by your haircut.

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