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Types of hair brushes to use for different hair types

Posted on Sep 23, 2016 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

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Do your hair concerns have words like flatness, tangle and dead straight? Every girl’s hair story always begins with a brush. To give you a better understanding of what you can do to help achieve a style or carry out proper maintenance of your hair. We have bifurcated brushes into three categories.
These seven are common and significant brushes that you can use as per your hair type in day to day life to have a good hair day every day. Having the right brush is paramount to care and maintenance.



1.Round Vent Brush

Generally, round brushes changes the shape of your hair. A round vent brush holds in the heat which allows you to straight and styles your hair the way you desire. You can use it to straighten kinks and waves; it can also be used to curl your ends. So a round vent brush will be helpful to the girls who have curly and frizzy hair and are tired of it. It will equalize and give a fine finish to your hair.


2.Paddle Brush

Paddle brush is desirable for smoothing and to safely detangling wet hair. So girl’s who long layered hair and the ones who find it difficult to detangle them after a wash, this brush is a blessing. You can use it to sweep your hair into sleek swipe back or any other different hair styles. Blow drying the hair smooth. Can be used by people having long and short hair. Its cushioned so it grips the hair as you pull it through which gives it just enough tension to blow dry it straight. Paddle Brush is best for damaged or sensitize hair.


3. Teasing Brush

If you have thin and really flat hair which you are tired for giving volume too. This hair brush is an absolution for you. Teasing brush is ideal for adding volume and precision. Use its bristles for backcomb and add volume. Its pointy end can be used for parting and sectioning your hair. Helps in controlling the little finer details of your hair. For user comfort it has extra long grip. This will enhance the overall appearance of your hair.


4. Synthetic Bristle Brush

It’s made of nylon; synthetic bristles are superlative for very thick hair types. They don’t produce much of static as natural rendition, like boar. Plus the stiff bristles of the brush make it easy to detangle your hair.

Brush on a white background

5. Mixed Bristle Brush

These brushes are a perfect combination of a boar bristle’s and synthetic bristle. These brushes work good on all types of hair and are most popular for hair styling.
This brush gives you perfectly straight hair. It can guide and control the sections of your hair.

Kent Natural Shine Pure Bristle Brushes 13

6. Wooden Round Brush

If you want a blowout with more volume and some curl, round brush is the brush for you! They are available in plenty of different sizes—smaller the brush, tighter the curls. These will help you in styling your hair in numerous hair styles.


7. Rattail Comb

If you love to add drama to your hair, this skinny tool will create the best statement to your hair. These combs have a long handle which helps in sectioning hair to create gorgeous braids and flawless curls. On top of that the fine teeth of this comb are great for smoothing out any bumps or cowlicks in your style. Best for curly haired girls.


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