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5 ways to curl your hair without using heat

Posted on Sep 30, 2016 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

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May it be tight curls, natural waves, vintage curls or voluminous waves, any type of curls look stunning on any type of hair or color or lengths. But are you afraid to damage them by heating equipment’s and styling products? Here are four different ways you can curl your hair without the use of pricey and harmful equipment’s to get flawless gorgeous looking curls.



1. Braiding

Braiding is the most efficient and popular method for getting elegant and beautiful curls.


i. Start by washing your hair properly, avoids conditioner.
ii. Then, dry it up with cloth.
iii. Now carefully and gently comb your hair without breaking strands.
iv. Braid small sections of your hair from top to bottom.
v. Tie them, and leave them like that for the whole day and night.
vi. Next day remove the band and take apart the braids.
vii. You will be left with beautiful curls and to enhance the look, you can use a natural homemade hairspray.

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 2. Soft rollers

Soft rollers or foam rollers are gentler on your hair than any other styling tools available in market today. They are made of soft, cushion like foam and plastic rod in it secures the hair. The best thing about these babes is that they don’t damage your hair and are more comfortable than hard rollers.


i. Select the type of roller that you want, i.e. larger the roller larger the curls and smaller the roller smaller will be the curls
ii. Apply relevant amount of setting lotion to your hair. This, lotion will be helpful in altering the structure of your hair without heat and will ensure strong curls.
iii. After you have applied lotion all over your hair clip them into small sections (for large curls take bigger sections of hair.
iv. Now place rollers at the base of your hair. Create a top section first, and then separate the sides and bottom layers.
v. Split the hair into 1- to 2-inch sections each and now take a curler and place it in the bottom of the hair and start rolling up the roller to your scalp. You can start from middle of the hair if you are finding it difficult to roll from bottom. Now twist the hair around the roller. If you want more hold, spray the section with hairspray.
vi. Now unhook the clasps on the rollers and unroll your hair into beautiful curls.


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3. Bobby pins

Using bobby pins for curling your hair is been a decade old hair trick now.


i. To begin with, wash your hair and avoid the use of conditioner if possible. Curls are effective on damp hair.
ii. Dry your hair with towel, if your hair takes more time to dry up before curling them.
iii. Now pin them in circular pattern to your scalp and let them dry naturally. Cover them with a cloth or a bandana to avoid pins getting loosen up.
iv. Once they have air dried unpin them. You will get soft curls.


no-heat-curls   noheatcurls2


4. Bun Hairstyle

If you are looking for long-bouncy curls, bun hairstyle is what you are looking for.


i. Start off with washing your hair and carefully combing it to make a ponytail.
ii. Using a hair tie, make sure the ponytail is in place.
iii. Now wrap up the hair strands in a circular move so as to wrap the ponytail and place both the ends in a curly manner.
iv. Use 2-3 pins to tie up the hair this way and wait for few hours.
v. Once you are sure that the hair is completely dried up, remove the pins and unhook your long bouncy curly hair.

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