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3 DIY Hair Accessories

Posted on Aug 5, 2016 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

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It is fun to see how beautiful and easy hair accessories can be to create with fabric scraps, metallic scrap, materials from your broken necklace or ear-ring and other decorative things in your house. Add a bit of pretty to your hair without all the fuss of fixing them. There’s something for everyone in the collection. See it for yourself. It will surely slip you into a crafty mood.

1) Necklace hair tie

Your dearest necklace can be easily transformed and accessorised for your hair. You can make this Necklace hair tie within just 5 mins with a stretchy elastic hair tie. Golden or Silver chains can be used as well. Transform your old necklaces into a beautiful hair accessory and the best part is you can still wear it as a necklace.


  • Necklace or chain (about 18 inches long)
  •  Elastic hair tie
  • Needle nose pliers


  •  Using needle nose pliers, bend open one of the jump rings/links at the end of your necklace or chain.
  • Insert the elastic hair tie into the necklace ring and close it back with pliers.
  • Try overlapping the edges so that the elastic tie does not slide out, in case the ring does not close tightly.
  •  Open the lobster clasp and insert the elastic tie inside, on the other end of the necklace.

If it fits comfortably on your head, then you’re all set. If not, try using a different size elastic tie to adjust.


2) Pearl hair piece

Pearls look evergreen when accessorised as a neckpiece, ear-ring or bracelet. They are often sprinkled all around your jewelry box or drawer of your wardrobe cupboard. Gather all those numerous pearl beads of different sizes and shapes to make a pretty pearl hair piece.


  •  A bobby pin
  •  Pearls of different shapes and sizes
  •  A hair grip
  • Waxed bead thread
  • Fabric glue


  • Tie your bead thread to the hair grip.
  • Push your beads up the thread, one by one strand, making them shorter towards the top and slightly longer towards the bottom for extra shape.
  • Take the bobby pin and tie the other end of the thread to it. Double knot.
  • Cut off the remaining thread.
  • Use fabric/craft glue to stick a few pearls over the top of the grip such that it hides the holes and knots.
  • Your elaborated pretty pearl hair piece is ready to be embraced on a messy hair tie-up or bun.


3) Bobby pins graced with jewels

These cute little hair pins are very easy and inexpensive to make.You can take-up subtle colored jewels if you intend to club it up with your casual wears or formals. Take up little jazzy ones for your one-piece dress. Make a bunch of these cute bobby pins for yourself or gift your closed ones.


  • Bobby pins( Regular bobby pins or bobby pins with flat head)
  • Jewels ( Any kind of Jewels or anything to want to decorate with)
  • Glue
  •  Piece of cardboard
  •  Wax paper


  •  Place the bobby pins onto a piece of cardboard. This will ensure that they stay straight.
  •  Apply glue onto a flat head bobby pins
  • Place the Jewels on the glued part neatly
  • Allow to dry
  • Your cute little bobby pins are ready




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