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How to decide your hairdo as per your dress neckline

Posted on Jul 21, 2016 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

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A perfect hairdo can surely add to the charm of a beautiful dress. Styling from head to toe is an art wherein each thing has to compliment the other, whether it’s with matching of accessories with the dress or a contrast look. Although there are not any set rules for styling your hair according to your neckline, these tips can help you to never go wrong with your hairdo in accordance of your dress neckline.

High neck

Your hairstyle: a classic ballerina bun high on the head.
A high hair bun is the most compatible hairdo to go along with high neck.

Here’s how:
• Rush the length of the hair tightly back and secure it into a high ponytail.
• Then wind into a bun shape and secure with tight grips.
• Pin faux flowers into one side of the do.



Boho Grecian

Your hairstyle: a classic half-up half-down do with fresh flowers.
Half-up hairdo adds to the grace and elegance of a Boho Grecian dress which has a low neckline as well as low-cut back side.

Here’s how:
• Blow-dry hair using setting lotion and loosely curl.
• Gently back comb to give volume to the sides.
• Take sections on either side of the head above the ears, softly twist and pin at the back of the head.
• Allow a few tendrils to fall forward and finish with fresh flowers along the twisted strands.


Big and blousy

Your hairstyle: Curly mock bob
A cute curly mock bob worn to the side goes well with a big and blousy dress as the dress itself is voluminous and the curls on the side would complete the look making it look quite Romanian which is a veteran style.

Here’s how:
• Work a voluminous mousse through damp hair.
• Then blow-dry smooth with a paddle brush.
• Ease into a side parting. Lightly tong all around then pull the length to one side.
• Curl it under in small sections and pin into a bob shape finishing with a generous spritz of hairspray.




Your hairstyle: Ponytail.
A big bouncy ponytail goes well with an asymmetrical dress as the fine cuts of an asymmetrical dress are charmed by a nice bouncy ponytail making it look very elegant and stylish.

Here’s how:
• Brush hair back tightly into a high pony.
• Give the length some sexy swing by using a large-barrelled tong just on the ends.




Your hairstyle: bouncy blow-dry.

Leave your hair lose with curls and give a natural look by bouncy blow-dry with a retro type hairdo. Such hairdo falls aside a V-neckline and adds to the flamboyant look of a V-neck.

Here’s how:
• Blow-dry using a round brush.
• Curl –up and keep the curl in place using grips and blast with the hairdryer.
• When hair is completely cool, unleash your curls and finger-comb through around a centre parting.
• Leave the hair falling free.




Your hairstyle: Side bun.
A sophisticated side bun adds to the beauty of a strapless dress or a sweetheart cut neckline.

Here’s how:
• Set the hair on medium rollers.
• Sweep the majority of hair into a side ponytail making sure that there’s still some volume on the top and sides.
• Barrel curls the remaining sections and gently pin into a loose bun.




Boat neck OR One shoulder

Your hairstyle: Side ponytail
An elegant, wavy side ponytail worn with sparkling jewels is much appropriate for a one shoulder dress or a boat neck dress as the shoulder part is been prominent in such dresses and a side pony can make it visibly appealing.

Here’s how:
• Brush your hair over to one side with a side parting.
• Then gather into a ponytail using a band that matches your hair color.
• Plait it through, leave it to dry, and brush out to create a soft wave then push glitzy pins into the band.


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