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8 short hair styles that will make you want to cut your hair

Posted on Jul 18, 2016 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

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When you are pretty bored with your current look, there are few ideas that could help you get out of this cycle. A short hair cut is a fresh idea when you are bored of your long unmanageable hair. You may think it is experimental and a bold move but completely worth it if the correct type of hair-cut is been chosen which best suits your face-cut and personality.

Sport these 8 short hair cuts to refresh your entire look.

1. Long Voluminous Pixie

A bit longer than the classic pixie, the spirit of this hair cut is that it is youthful. It gives you a smart and elegant look.



2. Short bob with fringe

The fringe in this haircut adds to the glam factor of this hair-cut. Best suited for long faces, it can be coupled with a suitable hair colour and make-up.



3. Messy Layered Bob

The messy layered cut is simply irresistible..!! It’s a rare combo of being raw & stylish adding a lot of charm to the X-factor of your next party dress.


4. Parted curls

This short hair cut for curls sets you apart from the heard, embracing elegance and uniqueness..!!



5. Side swept fringe

Side swept fringe hair styling can give you a new feel and is flexible to be combined with other short hair-cuts such as step, layers or graduate cut, whichever best suits your face and personality.



 6. Tousled Bob

Trendy and casual, this hairdo can surely have eyes rolling up for the ones who can carry it well.



7. Tugged behind ears

For those of you want to do it the simple yet elegant way. Not with much of maintenance, this hairstyle is in for a prim and proper look.



8. Asymmetrical sweep

Bold yet fabulous, for those of you who want to completely revive your hairdo, and overall look, asymmetrical sweep gives you that sharp edge reflected by a smart short hairdo.


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