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Here’s how to rock hairstyles like these Bollywood stars

Posted on Jun 30, 2016 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

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Bollywood – a world in its own is where you can definitely borrow some fashion sense for hair from. From sleek straight styles to curls that have won hearts you can flaunt this and much more.

Here’s a glance into hairstyles you can adopt to perfect your look.

French braid by Sonam Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor surely never fails to hit the bull’s eyes when it comes to fashion. Check her out flaunting the middle part with French braid on the two sides pinned in the back guided by loose curls.


Here’s your guide to get a french braid

1. Begin by separating a section from the top of the head. Divide this section into 3 strands going right over middle and then left over middle, similar to doing a basic braid
2. Shift all of the strands over to the left hand and let the strands stay separated.
3. Now gather a small even section from the right side of the head and add it to the right strand.
4. Bring the newly added strand to, over to the middle and bring the middle strand to the right.
5. Now, while keeping the strands separate, switch your hands such that your left hand will be free.
6. Now, from the left side of the head gather a section and add it to the left strand
7. Make sure you keep your hands close to the head in order to keep braid tight. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until there is no hair available to add. Finish style with a basic braid and fasten with an elastic rubber.


Fish tail by Kareena Kapoor Khan 

Check out the Udta Punjab star sport the fish tail braid to go with the blue salwar kameez. Fish tail braid does not only add texture to your hair, it also helps in enhancing the overall look. There are so many ways to play up with your braid. You can also add some colorful ribbon or hair band to get a funky look. Braid keeps the hair off from face, so the focus is on makeup whether subtle or bold.


Here’s your guide to get a fish tail braid.

1. Start out by holding the 2 strands in your left hand.
2. Now take a thin piece from the right strand and join it with the left one.
3. Change the way you are holding hair and change hands.
4. Now using your left hand a thin piece from the left strand and join it with the right strand.
5. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until the braid is as long as you desire. Then fasten with an elastic rubber.


Mid knot bun by Anushka Sharma

The leading lady from sultan was recently found sporting a classy look with mid knot bun.


Here’s your guide to get a mid-knot bun

1. Begin by creating a bit of height by back combing your hair around the face.
2. The most important part to your low knot is to keep a sleek base
3. Section clips on each side to ensure that the front of your hair remains smooth. Section a middle part at the back similar to a two low side ponytails.
4. Keeping a section of hair in each hand, knot them together like shoelaces.
5. Repeat this till you have two twists, one right below the other.
6. Using bobby pins hide the ends underneath the knot. Use a spray to provide a light hold to your simple yet stylish twist.

High bun by Deepika Padukone

The current leading lady of bollywood raises the oomph actor with the classic high hair bun and elegant pink dress.


Here’s your guide to make a high bun 

1. Begin by gathering your hair into a high ponytail so as to make it on the very top of your head. Secure with an elastic and tack up the shorter strands in back using bobby pins.
2. Gently tangle the ends by randomly twisting them under and pinning them around the ponytail’s base.
3. For hair with longer lengths, create a loose bun and secure with pins.


Plaited pony by Alia Bhatt

All this cuteness with a plait or a pony, or a plony? Take cue from Alia’s cute new hairdo that can be sported as a casual or dinner date look.


Here’s your guide to get a plony

1. Make a side part, then take a section of hair from the front left side of your part to your left temple.
2. Split this into three and weave together to make a braid. Braid the right over the centre, then the left over the right and continue to braid that section.
3. Stretch out the braid to make it look thicker. Secure the end with a pin or small elastic.
4. Gather all your hair into a ponytail and secure with elastic. Take the pin or elastic off the first braid, now it is tied in with the ponytail.
5. Take a small piece of hair and wrap it around your hair elastic to cover it.


Shradhha Kapoor with half hair bun

The “Baaghi” actress rocked this summer with a half hair bun to go with the trendy attire.


Here’s your guide to get a middle parting dual Braid

1. Begin by separating the top half of your hair from the bottom half and secure with a hair tie Make sure the ponytail is tight.
2. To make your hair look more voluminous gently tug on the top of your hair.
3. Now tease the tail slightly towards the base of the elastic and twist it around the base to give your bun a fuller look
4. Secure the bun with bobby pins
5. Style by adjusting the bun to the shape that you want.

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