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6 ways to protect your hair from the summer sun

Posted on May 20, 2016 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

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With summer around the corner, it’s time to get rid of the winter blues and prepare yourself to enjoy the sun as much as you can before it’s too late and the cold sets in again. School and college students would particularly anticipate this as they will have their time off from the hectic academic schedule. Summer is the perfect time for lazing around, spending long hours at the beach, or playing sports with friends. What if you could do all this and also have great looking hair throughout?

Summer hair care is mostly about keeping hair hydrated, avoiding long time exposure to the sun, and keeping off from using excessive cosmetic products. A lot of people forget that the summer requires its very own hair care regimen, one that is much different from the hair care regimen during the winters. While in winters the hair dries out due to extreme cold, during summers the hair dry out due to excessive heat and sun.

1. Keep your hair covered

It is of utmost importance that optimal protection is used when going out. If you have long hair, this would include keeping your hair covered, or wearing it in buns, ponytails, etc. in order to not expose your hair completely to the sun. For men it is advised to keep their hair protected by wearing hats. If you are someone who prefers using hats, make sure that they fit snugly and are washed periodically. Hats are one garment that people hardly take the time to wash on a regular basis, which leads to build up of sweat, dirt and grime.

All this can be detrimental to your scalp’s sebaceous glands (glands responsible for secreting oil) leading to excessively greasy hair. Hence, make sure you wash your hats frequently if you plan to wear them regularly.



2. Use Hair Specific Sunscreens

There are many hair specific protective sunscreens available in the market nowadays. These hair specific sunscreens should be applied 20-30 minutes before going out in the sun and should be washed away afterwards. If you are planning to spend long time under direct sunlight, like at the beach or playing sports, then it is highly recommended to use a hair sunscreen.



3. Stay Hydrated

One widely used advice that is also applicable when it comes to hair care during summer: drink plenty of water. One can never be wrong with drinking extra water, so whenever possible, grab a glass or two.


4. Use conditioner & moisturise your hair

Besides drinking plenty of water, it is also important that your hair gets its daily hydration. This emphasises on using a high quality conditioner that suits to your hair type. When it comes to deciding hair conditioners, try out different brands to find the one that suits you perfectly. Grab a few sample packs and try them over the span of a month. Make no mistake with respect to price, pricier does not always have to mean better; many a times, cheaper conditioners might turn out to be better than their expensive counterparts. It is also a good idea to use hair moisturiser on a regular basis. Apply the moisturiser at night and wash it off in the morning. Make the hair moisturiser a part of your daily hair care regimen during summers.
While on the subject of hydration and hair care for summer, it is important to keep in mind to use cold water for washing your hair. Also the importance of NOT using warm water for washing hair (as it takes down the moisture from the hair) can never be emphasized enough.

Portrait of a hairdresser rinsing hair off after applied a hair treatment


5. Use a cap while swimming

Always use a cap if you are going out for swimming. Make sure you wash your hair after you’ve taken a swim.


6. Avoid using flat-irons, curling irons or excessive styling products.

Avoid using flat-irons or curling-irons on your hair as it can damage your hair on a long term. Also excessive use of styling products should be avoided, especially the ones that contain alcohol and paraffin gel. It is advised to use some natural, organic products instead. They may be slightly more expensive, but provide much better returns in the form of healthier hair.


Hair care for the summer substantially focuses around keeping the hair protected from the sun, and keeping it hydrated and moisturized. Following the above tips, would give you gorgeous, shiny hair that everybody would be envy of.

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