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10 sassy bob cuts you’ll want to have this summer

Posted on Apr 22, 2016 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

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Flaunt these sassy bob cuts this summer to add the oomph factor to your summer ensemble. Share with your friends these quirky different looks you can sport.

1. Stylishly Messy Inverted Bob Cut

At first glance, you may think that messy haircuts have no unique attributes. However the patterns of the waves—interspersed with different coloured highlights. This is an apt hairstyle if you’re planning to have a vacation somewhere or are just out with your girls or on a coffee date.



2. Plain Inverted Bob

If you match simplicity with the element of sensitivity, you’ll have a fine elixir of beauty at your discretion. Be ready to boast a charming look by sporting this appearance, and create that oomph factor that makes head turns. Maintenance is easy, since you just need a fine comb and a reliable, market-trusted hair cream.



3. Long and Symmetrical Inverted Cut

If you’re having a hard time parting with your long hair, yet you want to experiment with the inverted bob, this is the hairstyle for you. Due to its length, it can still be categorized as medium length hair. With a dash of brown and blonde highlights, you can now flaunt your beauty!



4. A-Line bob cut

If you consider yourself to be a bit on the contemporary side then you’ll fall in love with the asymmetrical bob style for sure. It’s smooth and sleek, with very few layers and only a hint of one side being lengthier than the other side. Just blow dry your hair with a paddle brush and you’re good to go. If a blunt bob is too accurate and precise for you, try going with an A-line. A-line bobs are even more prevalent than the consistent blunt bobs. For a little extra energy, it’s advised to add layers in the back to give yourself an interesting look and more volume.



5. Bob Ombre Haircut

The ombre hair and the short cuts are what’s trending these past few months in the fashion circuit. You can spot the ombre hair cut everywhere now, but one thing that goes unnoticed is that most of the ladies sport ombre hair are carrying around long hair! If you’re apprehensive on whether ombre is only meant for long hair, you can clear all your doubts here. It goes just as perfectly with short hair too. A great soft look with curls in the end of your hair and give your long fringe some hairspray to stay in place looks great for a romantic night out. Use mousse to add a little more volume to the cut if required.




6. Layered Bob Cut

The bob is beautiful and timeless. With the diverse lengths and types available, there is definitely a bob for every face shape. Opposing to common belief, layering is actually intended to eliminate volume. It allows the hair to be light enough to have movement.



7. Smooth-Flowing Inverted Bob Cut

Aside from appealing to the bare eye, the smooth-flowing inverted cut will feel worthy if you touch it. This is one of the rewards of an inverted cut—it highlights the flow of the hair, regardless of course. Use a fine comb to keep this remarkable hair frizz-free.



8. Messy Layered Bob cut

The messy bob with detached ends is incredible in its carefree bed head look. It looks like the hair you woke up with! Think of an interesting hair color to move your stylishness to the subsequent level. Subtle ombre highlights are a great solution.



9. Feathered Bob Hairstyle

Ask your hair stylist to keep your bob longer than chin length for a fresh look and super-glossy for a fresh look. To add chicness or a final dash of panache, pair your new hairdo with a flush of colour on cheeks, sultry eyes, and glossy lips for the maximum appeal. To achieve this flawlessly designed messy feathered bob haircut, ask your stylist to start with texturizing your hair concluding with the feathering the ends of your hair for unkempt locks.



10. Wavy long bob cut

If you’re someone who fancies one length cuts, go with a cut a little below the shoulders. Adding long layers to the haircut imparts characterization to this new look. This is a great lob (or long bob) style! Tired of sporting the straight hair look for so long? Change your long bob hairstyle into a wavy one. Curls and waves are more fun, and is easy to accomplish with a big barrel curling iron!


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