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6 easy hairstyles to flaunt this spring season

Posted on Mar 4, 2016 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

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It’s the time of the yea where the chill is slowly leaving us and allowing the onset of spring. A perfect time to try on different styles and experiment with looks that are not necessarily your style. These hairstyles are great for the season changing from one to another, often making your hair dry and become lusterless.

1. The Low Ponytail

This hairdo stands up to severe movement and a little moisture owing to the changing weather conditions For an erudite look, style your hair low, adding a little volume at the crown. The low pony is the ultimate no-fuss flair. To add an extra x factor to your hair, pull the pony tight, and then lift a few pieces right above the hair tie. This adds a certain amount of volume to the hair ensuring it won’t look like a messy out of bed look.

Image 1


2. Milkmaid Braids

Adapted from the popular Maria, in the ‘Sound of Music’ Hair pinned on top are kind of awesome when it comes to facing a rough day. They manage to lock hair in place and keep it from going haywire, while making it look like a stunner at the same while. A tad bit of incomplete finish is what gets this flirty look going for you. So you won’t have to worry about changing climatic conditions ruining it.

Image 2


3. Half-Up Top Knot

A hairstyle which won’t let you down no matter what the occasion is. The ‘do keeps hair out of your face and the aftermath of whipping winds and a little rain just makes it look even more on-point. Everyone loves the girl next door look. But this particular bun should rest on the crown of your head to give that right look. The spot where you separate the two sections of hair – that’s where the knot should rest. Everyone individuals hair texture and preferred style of bun is unique. Pick the one that suits you best.

Image 3


4. Updo for naturally curly hair

It’s time you say goodbye to the hot irons that torture your mane and embrace your natural curls. All the effort of hair sprays, hair pin ups, gels and endless hot irons goes down the drain the minute you step out into the open. This simple hair hack for naturally curly hair is the game changer for women with curly hair.

Image 4


5. Side Braid Waves

Be eyewitness the comeback of braids. Braids which were once dreaded in school days are the all new rage this season. What makes this modernized version mature is its smoothness and comfortable style. Chic yet imparts a casual beach look is the perfect way to manage your mane for the everyday look in the spring season. The braid comes together in this side-swept style that’s perfect for springtide.

Image 5


6. The Gibson Tuck

Named after the popular “Gibson girl” made famous by artist Charles Dana Gibson, the Gibson tuck was a popular hairstyle among women in the early 20th century and is now back as the red carpet favourite. If you’re looking for a look that is super chic and classy this is the perfect and most effortless way to achieve it. So easy and stylish it goes well with both a day look as well as a formal event for the night. This hairstyle is ideal for medium- to long- length hair and it looks pretty easy to do yourself. All you need to do is just pull a ponytail in and tuck.

Image 6

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