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Hair Care Secrets

Posted on Jan 6, 2016 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

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A professional shampoo, hair mask, serum, heat protectant, hair mousse, gel, hair sprays and what not. We have to invest so much for the perfect, manageable, frizz-free and gorgeous looking hair. These products do wonders and make our hair look good, but we all know how bad these products are for our wallets. Well, here we are with a solution that will not only improve your hair but will are pocket friendly as well. Hair care has never been so cheap. Read along!


1. Oil! Oil! Oil!

Remember the times, our mothers and grandmothers pulling us forcefully and convincing us to oil our hair? That is what we are talking about. Love it or hate it, oiling your hair is one of the best practices to have healthy and gorgeous hair. Oil works as moisturizing conditioners for our hair. Choose any oil depending upon your skin type – olive oil, coconut oil, etc. Apply the said oil only to the scalp and massage softly for a while. Let it stay in your hair at least an hour before the hair wash or overnight. The wash that follows will leave your hair softer and even more manageable. Continuing this practice will get you the soft and silky locks!


2. Frenemies with shampoo

The best hair day is when we shampoo our hair. That is undoubtedly the best feeling ever. The hair feels lighter, cleaner and we feel happier. But, shampoos wash away the natural oils from our hair along with the dirt. This will lead to rough, frizzy and tangled hair. Make sure to use conditioner after every wash, and in days when you feel like shampooing, try avoiding the shampoo and just condition your hair for better results. This will retain the natural oils of your hair and will help you get those dreamy and beautiful tresses.


3. Love hot tools?

Your straightener, blow dryer, curler; they all give the most glamourous look to your hair. But, over doing anything is always harmful. Try and use these machines only at the time when you really have to. Also, make sure to set your machines on the lowest heat setting possible and don’t roll it through our hold in on the hair for more than required time. All these machines are torture that your lovely locks go through. Thus, make sure to use them only when it is unavoidable to use them.


4. Air-drying is a bliss

Regular blow drying can be extremely harmful for your beloved tresses. It damages the hair texture to a great extent and makes them unmanageable and frizzy. Avoid using blow dryer every time you wash and instead let them dry on their own. You will be surprised to see the natural texture of your hair.


5. Vinegar Rinse

Vinegar ideally gives a harsh and strong feeling because of its pungent odor. But it can do wonders to your hair. Make a 50:50 proportion of apple cider vinegar and water. Pour this mixture in your hair and let it stay for 3 to 5 minutes. Then rinse it off your hair with cold water. The result will be soft, smooth and gorgeous locks.


So, all the best, ladies! Try these free of cost techniques and get your desired hair. See which one of these work best for you and practice them regularly for better results!


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