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Simple hairstyles to do in wet hair!

Posted on Nov 9, 2015 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

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‘No messing with wet hair’ – is the single most common and important tip written on every hair/ beauty blog (including this one!). However, there are times when you simply don’t want to get out of bed that early or have to rush after a gym session with no time for a blowout. This gets worse for the curly haired beauties as they are further advised to let their hair air-dry! There has to be some way to look chic and not damage your weak damp hair.

Buckle yourself up ladies, because we bring to you some super-easy hairstyles that you can sport even in wet hair. Read along! Don’t let wet hair rain on your party!


1. High Ponytail

high pony tail

Comb your hair back or make a side partition. A high, sleek pony tail never goes wrong, even in wet hair. And since this requires minimum combing, you end up not causing too much breakage either. Remember to smooth out the comb lines with your hands before stepping out!







2. The Braided Crown

braid crown

Seen extensively in South India, the braided crown is an elegant and useful hairstyle for drying out wet hair effectively. One of the biggest challenges in air-drying your hair is the frizz created at your temples where hair dries out too fast. The best way to avoid this is braiding them into small pigtails and pinning them behind. It’s simple and lets the rest of your hair dry out during the day as well. A win-win!

Use herbal conditioners by Veola while shampooing to get soft and bouncy hair at the end of the day. No need to add any additional product, go bare and bold!

3. Low-bun

low bun

The simplest that you can go with wet hair is with a low bun. Like the sleek pony tail, it’s simple and classic but also adds a professional touch in your look. To get this look, collect your hair at the nape of your neck, twist them around a finger and secure them with a bobby pin. Take care as to not use a band as it would leave marks in your dried hair.

An advantage of tying a bun in wet hair is that it would leave some beautiful waves in your tresses once they dry out. A natural way for the waves you craved for!


4. Fishtail Braid

fishtail braid

Add some glamour to your wet ponytail by fish-braiding it. Tie them up like the high pony tail. Divide the pony tail in two sections. Taking a small strand from one side, cross it over the other section. Repeat this all the way down the pony tail. Remember to loosen the braid once you are done, as that would look more natural once your hair dries off. For those of you who have unpredictable hair once it dries, this is a great way to tame them and look super-chic in the process!

You can also tie this braid up in a pretty bun if you want. Secure it with a bobby pin to keep it in place. Take a drop of your favorite Veola hair oil in your hands before you start braiding to keep the braid neat all day.




5. Loose Triple Bun

loose triple bunIf you have thick hair which takes an eternity to dry when tied up, this hairstyle is for you. Not only does it dry out your hair quickly, it also gives you messy waves, perfect for a night out! Divide your hair in 3 sections, a top section from ear to ear and two in the rear. Twist and roll each section in an individual bun and pin them up to form a triangle. Do not use a comb in your hair at any time; simply run your fingers through your hair to give a natural look.

Dividing your hair up in 3 sections allows them to dry easily and also brings down the weight on your scalp as against a single top knot bun. So for days when you are looking for an inspired look, try this out instead of a regular bun! You can also vary the way you divide your hair into sections to achieve different looks every time. Also, if you have too much hair, you can increase the number of buns!





There you go, 5 awesome hairstyles for almost all hair types and length which you can adopt and make your own in a dozen different ways! Whose monsoons became much more tolerable? Ours sure did, with these hairstyles; you will be able to catch the extra snooze or a quick gym session in the afternoon without any worries. However, with all said, try to use these styles to a bare minimum as the universal truth still stands – No messing with wet hair!


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