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Is your hair ready to brave this holiday season?

Posted on Oct 23, 2015 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

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Holiday is a crazy time with too many things happening around the house; too many cousins, too many delicacies cooking in the kitchen, too many aunties enquiring about your love life (does not change even after you get married!) and what not. Even in all this confusion, it is absolutely imperative that you show off your gorgeous side to jealous aunties and some handsome prospects. Going to the salon for every function and occasion can be tiring as well heavy on your pocket. What you need is just some ideas and tricks in your pocket before the season starts. It always better to be prepared, right!

Holiday hairstyles are simply a glamorous twist given to your usual up-dos. Read along, to find out which ones can you pull off this season.


Fancy Bun


A bun is a simple and elegant solution to most of your hair problems. Whether they are too oil or too dry or they are not being tame at all, a bun can always be your go to hairstyle. A variation of the regular top knot is a fancy bun. It goes with sarees, dresses, salwaar kameez and lehengas. So it’s universal too!
Click here to see how to make a fancy bun.


Curl Away!


If you like wearing your hair down, this hairstyle can be for you. To start off, you would need to curly your tresses using a curler or rollers. People with wavy hair can choose to go with their natural look as well. However, if you are using a curling iron, do remember to use a heat protectant such as Veola’s Heat Protectant cream which is herbal and hence causes no damage to your hair.

Learn how to perfect this hairstyle here.


Rolled and Tucked-in Bun


We cannot stop raving about the different kinds of buns that you can try out this season. And they suit more or less all kinds of hair textures too!

This one is a real simple one. Just collect your hair in a low pony, create a hole above your elastic and pull the ends of your pony through. Pin up any hairs coming out. That’s it!

If you are feeling a little more creative, you can also try this on a side pony.





Twisted Ponytail


While the name sounds complicated, this is probably the easiest hairstyles among all the ones listed here. Would probably work best with wavy hair but others are welcome to try it out! It keeps the hair neatly tied up at the back and also adds a twist to your usual pony tail, literally.

Click here to find out how to achieve this look.




Halfie Braid


Get creative with the usual half pony hairstyles. There are many ways to add a dash of style in the old hairstyle. This is where braids come to your rescue. You can take small strands of hair from the sides, above your ears or from your pony tail and braid them up for a peek of glamour in your hairstyle. In order to keep these braids from getting frayed and to hold the hairstyle for long, make sure that you use some good conditioners which can hold the moisture in.

Veola offers a range of conditioners which contain herbal ingredients, avoiding the chemicals and hence drying out of your hair.

Click here to find out how to do this hairstyle.



That’s it folks! These are our top 5 hairstyles for this holiday season. No need to worry about the weather change; as our hairstyles are tough enough to survive all kinds of weather disturbances. Just toss your hair up in one of these and you are good to go. As always, use products which are meant for your hair and try to use as many natural ingredients as possible to protect your hair from harsh chemicals. After all, your hair has many, many more holidays to brave!

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