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Fabulous Fringes: Back with the BANGS!

Posted on Jul 15, 2015 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

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As women, don’t we all love styling our hair and getting a bold, fresh look to flaunt? Yes, we do! While most of us don’t crave a full-on, in-your-face hairchop, we tend to get bored of the same old, same old. So here we present the one word way out to our hair styling whims – Fringes! Getting fringes, or bangs, has been one of the easier and the best ways to update your look since a long time, especially with the A-Listers; and what better inspiration for us than our favorite celebs?

Hair bangs, or fringes to some, not only add a dash of sexy to your hairdo, but also enhance facial features and compliment your overall look. There are so many fringe styles out there to pick from. And while choosing the right kind of bangs for your face is no mean feat, it is an absolute necessity! We’ve rounded up some of the most popular and gorgeous types of bangs, worn by our favorite celebs, especially to help you find your personal inspiration and make an instant style statement.

Here goes!


Side-swept Bangs


emma stone2

These are THE MOST POPULAR kind of bangs today that you could experiment so much with! These are bangs that would look great with open hair, whether straight or curly, hair tied back, or even hair braided in any style. Basically, side swept bangs are like a cherry on top for most kinds of simple and elegant hairdos. This is the type of fringe that you should not hold back from trying out because it adds a sophisticated style to your hair and they’re super easy to maintain! This style is so versatile that not only does it go with almost any face shape, but it also highlights your eyes and embellishes the look of your cheekbones. Try this one out. We’re sure you’ll love it!



Blunt Bangs

Taylor-Swift-Ponytail-Hairstyles-With-Blunt-Bangs-822x1024    straight-hair-blunt-bangs

Blunt bangs are what you call ‘the in thing’ currently. These aren’t for everyone, but for those who’re confident enough to carry it, they’re sure to make a statement. These are classic straight bangs that would go with either, long or short hair. These are a really good option if you want a heavier look that is a commoner for styling. If you have a round face, blunt bangs might not be the best option for you, but these would work really well for an oval face. However, this style needs regular trimming of the quirky bangs to maintain the look of it. Of course, for those who want to go bold, you could try wearing shot, blunt bangs!



Wispy Bangs

Paris-Hilton-Shoulder-Length-Hairstyle-with-Wispy-Bangs     Jennifer+Garner+Long+Hairstyles+Long+Wavy+zkV4YhD-DZyx

We think these look the CUTEST! There are very few hairdos that would suit every face, and Wispy Bangs is one of those. Everyone can carry these without any trouble and it’s so easy to style them in multiple ways. We love these because they not only add some fringe to your look, but they’re also simple and not all over your face. Got a casual work meeting? Wear them straight across. Have a date? Wear them over a single side to give your look a classy tone. This is one of the most balanced hairstyles you’d come across and it’s one of those that will always be popular!



Round Bangs

picture-of-long-hair-with-bangs-wallpaper     6f86aedb4f83227992a01f39c89975ca

Want to go retro and rock the 70’s look? Try Round Bangs! This look was a huge hit back then but it’s slowly coming around once again! This is a really great style which frames your face, softly touching your eyebrows with a smooth sideways tilt. If your routine requires you to tie up your hair, then these fringes would suit you just right. They look especially great on faces with smaller foreheads but for a round face, these would just make it look rounder. Overall, we recommend this style as one of the better options, if you want to go with fringes as part of your hairstyle!



Center Parted Bangs


Center parted bangs look so chic we’re head over heels in love with this style. This look would go best with medium to long hair, but for people with short hair – not too sure if this can be your best option! Also, for people with small foreheads, this might not be the look you should be going for as it would mean hair taking over most of your face. To have the best of this style, make sure your centre parted bangs sway outward towards the temples and are not loosely drooping down. And they should ideally be slightly messy and ruffled to give your look a rough and casual tone. Not everyone can pull this look off, but for those who can, we highly recommend it!


Try one or more of these looks and give us a shout out about how you liked them!

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