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5 Hairstyles to Rock every day!

Posted on Jul 1, 2015 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

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Too bored to carry off that same hairstyle every day? Hair affair is a woman’s favorite affair. Every woman would definitely love to leave behind a classy and rocking statement defining their style to mark a strong impact on the people around. Stylish outfits, bright lipsticks, stunning make-up, high heels and co-ordinating accessories – none of it is complete without the perfect hairstyle to flaunt!

Ever wondered how the celebrities we love so sport oh-so-perfect hair round the clock when all we can achieve is waking up with nasty bedhead hair every morning? If your tresses are totally out of control and you just cannot figure out how to manage them, relax! We have got you covered!

In our daily busy schedules, nobody has time to dress up every day as well as wear a beautiful hairdo; instead we would rather sleep till the last moment, dragging ourselves out only to head out the door. But hey, doesn’t mean we won’t like to be just as stylish as ever! So here are some very easy and fast hairstyles inspired by ever-elegant Bollywood divas:

The Attractive Pouf Updo


Deepika is blessed with really beautiful natural hair, which she carries off elegantly. Add that graceful glam to your look without going wrong with this famous pouf hairstyle, appropriate for any occasion. Take a section from the front of your head and tease the hair back, followed by brushing it to make it smooth. Pull it a little forward and pin it up. Tie the remaining section into a loose messy bun and that’d be all! Pouf would add an instant shot of elegance to make you look fabulous!


Eye-catching Straight Look


We totally heart Kareena Kapoor’s classy look at every event she appears; her hair are the show-stopper almost everywhere! Straight sleek hairstyle is one of the easiest hairstyles out there, and is just the thing for any western as well as Indian outfit. All you need is a heat iron and hair serum to perfect this style.


Pretty Lob Princess


Sonakshi has left about everybody stunned with her superb makeover – the chic and completely trendy LOB! She traded her long lustrous mane for this brand new avatar. Whenever you are planning your next makeover, let her be your perfect example. This style is very simple to carry and is super low maintenance too! Keep it straight, curl it up, add some highlights and there you are – all ready within minutes for any event!


The Ever-stylish Bun


Alia always has that aww-so-cute image in the industry and is a true fashionista, easily carrying any hairdo with an extra oomph due to her cute looks. A heart-throb for many of us, she looks absolutely stunning in a simple and easy top knot bun. It is a mainstay hairstyle that you can easily flaunt at work, party or ceremonial functions. Pull all your hair up in a very high ponytail, divide it two sections, tie a knot, wrap the hair in a circular motion and pin the last section – easy-peasy!

Fringes – Fabulous Bangs are Back!


With one of the prettiest faces in the industry, Jacqueline steals the hearts of many almost every time she steps out in limelight. She flaunts her long lustrous locks with style, trying new haircuts with audacity. Her side swept bangs here look simply awesome, don’t they? Leave your hair open, or in a high ponytail or messy bun, these fringes would always add that extra oomph to your appearance!


So here you go! Get inspired by these gorgeous hairstyles enthused by our ever stylish celebrities and flaunt your own style!


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