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Daily Hair Care Routine in 7 Easy Steps

Posted on Jun 23, 2015 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

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A good hair day is a definite cheer up, and so easy to achieve! Want to feel special every day? Now pamper yourself with irresistibly soft, shiny and healthy locks of hair following these basic practices we enlist below! It might take a while for these beautiful results to show up, but once they do, trust us, you will want to stick this routine as dedicatedly as you’ve never had before!

To start with, understanding your scalp and identifying a hair conditioner type is of utmost importance and needs to be done first as different hair types require different regime. Let’s give it the attention it commands! Also, any hair problems, present or recurring, need to be identified as this will help you to select the ingredients in your hair care products for your hair care regime.


Hair Care Regime includes detangling, brushing, oiling, cleansing, conditioning, providing protein treatment and styling. We have detailed these steps below:


1. Detangling

Ah, detangling those strands! Be really gentle while detangling your hair or else you might end up losing a lot of hair. Always have some moisture in your hair while detangling; completely dry hair can prove troublesome for this regime. Be patient to avoid breakage. Untie the knots starting from the tip, working all the way to the roots.


2. Brushing

Brushing regularly – first with a wide toothed comb to remove tangles, and then with a fine toothed comb or soft-bristled brush. This is essential for that neat look as well as even distribution of natural oils throughout your hair for a healthy shine. Keep in mind that vigorous brushing can scratch the scalp and break the hair, so go gentle on those locks!

Three golden rules of brushing:

(1) Never brush right after the hair wash as it can induce hair breakage.

(2) Do not overdo. Brushing 50 strokes a day gets you shinier hair is just a myth.

(3) Brush as gently as you can.


3. Oiling

Choose your oils fortified from a wide range like coconut, gooseberries, olives, almonds to nourish your hair. Hot-oil treatments work well for relaxing weekends.


4. Cleansing

Your hair type and environment defines your frequency for cleansing. Dry hair might need less cleansing as compared to greasy hair.

Brush your hair gently to loosen the dead skin from your scalp before you shampoo. Use hydrating, protein-rich and moisturising shampoos for dry hair. Do not shampoo vigorously and for a very long time. Massage your scalp in small circular movements with your finger tips and then rinse thoroughly.


5. Conditioning

Conditioning sessions helps restore hair’s strength and moisture. Conditioner aids in alleviating dryness.

Use a hydrating, rich, creamy conditioner for coarse hair, a light weight conditioner for fine and oily hair and any good quality conditioner for normal hair. Coat your hair ends first with your hands, working your way up to about two inches from the scalp, and leave it in for a few minutes.


6. Protein Treatment

Hair shafts are made from a protein called keratin. You may need a serious protein treatment if you are experiencing extreme breakage. Fortify the protein element in your shampoos as well as the conditioners to get that strong and long hair back. This is especially required when your hair have been exposed to chemicals or straightened.

Eating Right: Drinking plenty of water, eating protein and vitamin rich foods, fruits, vegetables or applying natural ingredients such as bananas, honey, curd, and eggs will provide strength, lustre and softness.


7. Styling schedules

Dry your hair gently and tie them up before going to sleep to help to check that hair loss. Choose your haircuts wisely; trim off those split ends to cease further degradation in hair quality. Also, employ a good heat protectant after exposing your hair to the hot irons. Use a good smoothing serum for that suave look.


We hope this will help get your hair care routine back on track! Do let us know your feedback in comments below.


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