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Hair Guide – Everything you need to know!

Posted on May 15, 2015 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

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Age old beliefs about hair are nothing but myths that exist in abundance. There are tons of articles, ‘dadi ma ke nuskhe’, or tips that revolve around hair, and convince people to believe in remedies or tricks that are more false than true.

Does chopping off your hair really make them grow faster? Is hair loss really due to stress? Does washing your hair regularly really damage it? Well! While people strongly believe in these facts, we have tried to bust the myths here with some truths which will leave you wide-eyed with disbelief!

Take a deep breath, and let us take you through some startling reality!

Myth 1:

Frequent trims make your hair grow faster.

hair cut

Fact: The speed of hair growth is not dependent on how frequently you get your hair cut or trimmed. Hair grows only half an inch per month on average, whether you trim it or not. Nevertheless, regular trims do make hair healthy by making it free from problems like split-ends and thinning, as well as makes it look neat and gorgeous. So get usual trims at regular intervals of six to eight weeks, but don’t visit the salon often just to make your hair to magically grow quicker and thicker.


Myth 2:

If you pluck a grey hair strand, more will grow in its place.

grey hair

Fact: Plucking hair strands makes the hair and scalp weaker. Forcefully pulling off the grey hair or any colored strand, makes the weaker hair follicles reproduce more. So don’t pluck it off, get it chopped or colored and embrace your look!


Myth 3:

Brushing your hair more makes it healthier.


Fact: ‘Excess of anything is bad for you’, this decade old phrase truly applies to hair as well. Brushing hair excessively and forcefully makes the strands weaker and damages the cuticles causing the hair to fall out more. Brushing is done to detangle your hair and make it look frizz free and manageable. So next time when you brush your hair, be gentle on them and use the right comb or brush, according to your hair texture.


Myth 4:

Split-ends can be treated without trimming.

trim splitends

Fact: Well, split-ends is one dreadful problem that every woman would want to get rid of. Those homemade remedies or products can temporarily merge your split-ends, but they cannot prevent it from reoccurring. The only unbeaten remedy is to get those split-ends trimmed off.


Myth 5:

Towel-dry your hair


Fact: This is a very common blunder that usually all women make. After their hair wash, they generally prefer to towel dry their hair and rub it vigorously. Your hair is weak when they are wet and towel drying it makes it rough and leads to breakage. It also damages the hair texture and makes it frizzier. So next time when you wash your hair, be gentle and just pat your hair dry with towel or a T-shirt and let it set naturally!


Myth 6:

Washing hair daily causes damage

Portrait of young beautiful woman washing her head

Fact: You might have heard this zillion times from multiple sources. Well, this is just a fable if you use the right shampoo that suits your hair texture.  A shampoo that is specifically designed for your hair type, in fact adds moisture and beauty to your hair. The solution is just to find the correct shampoo that will continue to give good results.


Myth 7:

Dandruff is a sign of dry scalp.


Fact: Dandruff is generally caused when the essential oils from your scalp is lost. Oily, dirty scalp, stress is normally the reason that causes the dandruff to occur. Use the right kind of shampoo that adds moisture to your hair, and make sure that you look for an anti-dandruff shampoo that best suits your hair to prevent that dandruff from reoccurring.


Hope, all these facts would burst the myth bubble to give you more clarifying picture!

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