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Burgundy Hair Colour – A Matchless Style Statement!

Posted on May 2, 2015 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

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Bored with your everyday routine? Have you ever tried going all funky with your hair? New haircuts and hairstyles bring back the lost fun factor in your life. And colouring your hair is the best and easiest makeover you can do to add some spark!

Your hair is the reflection of your personality. Colours say a lot about a person’s personality. Be it red, brown, black, chestnut or burgundy, your hair colour sends out a loud message about your persona. People with bold, feisty and carefree spirit always look for something to add some spice to their lives. They love breaking the stereotype and stand distinctively in the crowd. For such people to get a drop-dead gorgeous and attractive look, Burgundy is the hair colour.

Burgundy is a dark rich red colour with a little blend of blue giving the overall look a purplish shade, making it one of the most gorgeous hair colours. This versatile colour has a huge scale of shades to choose from, making it difficult to select to suit skin type and hair texture.

Read on folks, this post will help you out in selecting that perfect burgundy shade that suits you. Go step-out, make some difference and win tons of compliments!


Shades of Burgundy:

Plum Shade:

plum shade

This shade leans towards the purple/blue palette, giving you that subtly pretty look. This suits best on people with long layered hues, or with blue eyes and fair skin, or those who simply have a passion for the purple shade. Add some charm to your beauty with plum burgundy shade and add a note of sparkling femininity to your persona!


Wine Burgundy:

wine burgundy

Burgundy with a tinge more of red than purple, it gives your hair a fuller and glossier look. People with light or pale skin tone can easily carry this shade to compliment their complexion. Flatter your hair with this shade and make your bold looks stand out with audacity!


Ombre Solutions:

ombre burgundy

Blending burgundy with multiple shades from brown to red can give you multiple ombre variations to experiment with for your long mane. From brown-to-burgundy, red-to-burgundy, or dark-to-burgundy, you can opt from any variations matching your skin tone, way of life or characteristics. So if the idea is to show off your dynamic appearance, try experimenting with ombre solutions to enhance your personality!


Dark Burgundy:


Burgundy colour can be mingled with any shade from red or brown with a darker undertone to give you that subtle daring look. Try this mysterious and seductive hair colour to stand out in the crowd. While Dark Burgundy looks fabulous on long curls or wavy locks, it would accentuate any hair type and length, giving you that smooth unusual look to flaunt!


Dream Colour:

dream color

A softer and lighter shade of burgundy that is bit more tepid than the classic burgundy, looks lovely and elegant on women who have long layered locks or slightly wavy hair. This colour suits wheatish or tanned skin tone the best and it brings out your features prominently.  So if you have darker skin colour, you can spruce up your hair with this striking shade of burgundy and charm the people around you!


Want to flaunt that bold yet chic look? Play up your hair colour with any of these burgundy shades and let the world go gaga over you!

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