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How to make curls last long?

Posted on Mar 20, 2015 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

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Be it curly or wavy hair, big bouncy volumized bangs or just a little twirl – the tousled curls are back in fashion. Curls add up spice to any style and give you that attractive look to skip to the town! The essence of style nowadays even among the celebrities, curls are making their way back to our hearts. For the girl-next-door look, a diva feel or that super feminine impression you want to make on that cute guy, wavy hair might just do the trick! This low maintenance hairstyle can do wonders at any event and can last for days if taken proper care of.

People with natural curls or waves can wear them anytime easily experimenting with any hairstyle – they don’t have to spend much time on their hair. But people with poker straight or thin hair have to struggle for hours in front of the mirror to get those perfect bouncy curls. And even after spending grueling hours curling your mane, there’s a fair chance that your hair wouldn’t hold those curls well and fall flat before the day is over!

Let us share with you some simple tricks that will make your curls stand the test of time and make you kiss those curls!


1. Time for some investment, girlies!


Invest in some good tools that heat up to the right temperature reducing your curling speed and giving you those perfect bouncy curls. So get a professional grade tool that would work great with your type of hair.


2. Improve your hair condition


Curls only look great on the hair with right volume and texture. To hold the curls longer, your hair must have a good texture. Add some volume to your hair with good volumizing products – Veola Herbal Coconut Hair Oil would do wonders to increase hair volume, and its Herbal Hammam Zait would improve the hair texture gradually.


 3. Treat damaged hair


Curls can never look perfect on damaged hair. So treat those frizzy hair, split ends, dull and unruly hair with Veola’s Herbal hair products and tame them soft to set those curls beautifully, making them last longer. Setting them also becomes way easier!


4. Look for the right product


People with sleek straight hair have to use a cream or mousse when curling their tresses to make it last longer. Veola’s Herbal hair creams help to tame your mane for any style to give you that chic look you desire! Mousse spray, spray wax or curl setting spray also can work wonders on hair that never hold any style.


5. Wash your hair regularly


Bear in mind that curls only last well when your hair is fresh and clean. Use shampoo before trying on any hairstyle, and use light weight conditioner which will not leave a residue in your hair otherwise the added weight would make your curls fall flat in an hour or so.


General Tips:

  • Moist your hair damp or apply a lotion to each section of hair before you start curling.
  • Once you are done with your curling, spray a mousse or a light hair spray to make your curls stay the whole day.
  • Part your hair in sections and keep clipping it as you curl to set it in place as it cools down after heating.
  • If your ends are not getting curled, it’s time for you to get a trim as this can be due to damaged cuticles. Keep your hair healthy, and regular trimming would keep your curls a lot better.


Here you go, fellas! With all these tricks you are set to rock the stage with those beautiful curls which will last all evening!


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