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5 Ways to wear head scarves

Posted on Mar 16, 2015 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

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Head scarves are used as style statement and can be teamed up with any outfit to make you look stunning and glamorous. It is one accessory that can never really go out of fashion, and one can never go wrong with the styling. An everlasting fashion accessory, you get to choose from the wide range of prints, materials and color popping light weight head scarves… and you are all good to go with that sophisticated and attractive look!

There are several ways to tie the same scarves around your head for summer which you used to wrap around your necks in winter. With summer approaching fast, this fashion accessory will always help you protect your hair along with giving you that elegant touch of glam. Of course, it will also come in handy on a bad hair day when you can just cover your hair with these scarves and skip out to the town!

Throw away all your boring hair elastics and take a look to these 5 awesome ways to tie head scarves around your head and add oomph to your hair!


Headband Style


How to tie: Take a long scarf and run an elastic band exactly in the middle of the scarf. Broaden the ends of the scarf and drape it around the head along the hairline and tie a knot at the back portion of the head. Bring one end in front and rest it at the shoulder to add that zing to your look. To add more punch to the hairdo use Veola’s Sun Protect Herbal Hair Cream and add that shine to your open hair which will make this style stand out from the rest.


Fabric Bun Hair Style


How to tie: Tie your hair into a high ponytail. Braid your scarf into your ponytail and secure the ends by tying. Curl up the braid into a bun and tie the extra loose ends of the scarf into a bow. To have a perfect neat hairstyle, use a little of Veola Olive Hair Oil and secure the hairstyle to give you a more polished look.


Turban Style


How to tie: Take a scarf and fold it in a triangle. Keep the pointed part of the scarf falling over your forehead. Take the two open ends and pull them on top of the head and twist them and tie a knot at the back portion of your head and tuck in the loose ends. Slide in the front pointy part of the scarf over the twist part on top of the head. If you’re having a bad hair day and yet are feeling lazy to spend time tying your hair, use this turban style to give you a chic look!


Cinnamon Bun


How to tie: Take a small scarf and drape it around your head with its middle part. Pull together the loose ends and twist it. Curl up the twisted ends into a bun similar to a flower. Secure this bun with hair clips or tuck in the last part into the bun securely for a more precise and perfect look. To get a messy look, twist the ends loosely and wrap the bun with a light hand. This style would look good both on loose hair as well as tied up hairdo.


Twisted Hair Scarf


How to tie: For this ‘new do’ a solid embellished scarf or floral printed scarf would be a perfect choice. Fold the scarf into a proper rectangle put the scarf’s middle part at the back of the head bringing the two loose ends at front. Twist the two ends in such a manner that they are entangled into each other and tie a knot at the back side, by tucking the extra ends neatly into the sides.


Here you go! With summer so close, give this timeless fashion trend accessory a spin (and a knot)!



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