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Red Carpet Hairstyles for 2015

Posted on Feb 19, 2015 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

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With this year just settling in, many of us would want to try out new things as a part of our new year’s resolution! Wouldn’t getting a hair makeover be a great place to start?

There’s a perfect haircut for everyone, be it medium length hair, straight, wavy, curly, or short hair. We have showcased some stunning hairstyles of the most fashionable celebrities that will make you covet such gorgeous makeovers as the thing to do this year.


1. Katie Holmes – Chic Little Bob

Katie Holmes - Chic bob

The classic chic little bob is an all-time favorite hairstyle that can be worn by anyone – it can even be customized to match your personality. Katie Holmes started a sort of hair revolution with this “Chic Little Bob Haircut”, which has gratifying bangs that got her in the trendsetters list. Along with giving her face a soft look, this cut also frames her hair with a healthier and voluminous shine.


2. Paris Hilton – Elegant Up-do

Paris Hilton - Elegant up-do

Up-dos are the perfect way to vamp up your look! These are the ultimate glamour-inducing hairstyles giving you that oh-so-sleek and stylish look. This simple bobby-pinned up-do by Paris Hilton gives her face such an elegant and romantic cut, and is the perfect way to show off her nude make-up and bold eyes.


3. Jennifer Aniston – Tousled Beauty

Jennifer Aniston - Tousled hair

Tousled hair has been creating huge waves in the hairstyles department this year, making it favoured by many celebrities. Jennifer Aniston, considered a hair icon and owning one of the most talked about tresses in Hollywood, is usually seen sporting these trendy waves. This funky hairdo has consistent end twists which fall beautifully around shoulders giving her haircut a naturally stylish touch.


4. Selena Gomez – Fishtail Braided Ponytail

Selena Gomez - Fishtail braid

Fishtail braids are the second-most happening trends, with many celebrities and models sporting varying styles of the braid on the runways and red carpet events. This delicate and intricate-looking hairstyle has a glam statement and can be teamed up with any outfit for a classic, stylish look. At a recent award show, Selena Gomez stunned a number of people and attracted many fans with this fishtail-braided ponytail. This gorgeously braided look gave this versatile beauty a very trendy yet classy feel.


5. Jessica Alba – Simple Lob

Jessica Alba - SImple lob

Jessica Alba looks stunning with this simple “Blunt Lob”, which elongates her neck and makes her look more statuesque. The lob haircut has gained momentum in the list of most sought after haircuts. This simple, classy yet stylish hairstyle has been the top choice for many women who wished to carry a brazen look. It can be worn by anyone and has nothing to do with the face shape while giving a super-chic effect.


So what are you waiting for? Try these glamorous hairstyles today and get a perfect hair make over!



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