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Which hair bun would you wear today?

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One of the most fashionable and versatile hairstyles that never goes out of fashion is the bun. It is extremely popular and looks the best on long hair. Modify it the way you desire depending on the outfit and occasion and you’re ready to rocky the party!

Hair buns come in many types- messy, knotted, and braided- give you an elegantly polished look. You can even pull off a bad hair day with a proper, chic bun.

A hot favorite with celebs on the Red Carpet, the bun is getting a glamorous and customized look each passing day. So go ahead- put some boldness in your appearance with the stylish bun! Here’s how.


Messy Side Bun

messy side bun

A messy side bun is an ideal hairstyle for a special occasion or a casual girl’s night out. Follow these steps for a perfect messy side bun or watch the step-by-step tutorial video below:

Step 1: Curl up your hair a little and once it is curled, gather it on one side of your head and gather it into a ponytail.

Step 2: Now take small sections of your hair and back-comb them to create a voluminous effect. Gather up each piece that you’ve back-combed and secure them up with bobby pins.

Step 3: Continue gathering and pinning pieces until you create a composed look.

Step 4: Finally, twist your bangs back and using a bobby pin, put them into the bun. You’ve now got a fabulous messy side bun. As simple as that!


Fishtail Braided Bun


The fishtail braided bun is funky and elegant at the same time. This hairstyle is perfect for long hair, although even ladies with medium length hair can go for it. The hair style may look complicated but once you know the trick, it will become your favorite hair style for all time. You can master this stylish style in minutes with this simple step-by-step tutorial:

Step 1: Start on the right side of the head, side-parting it until you get a small triangle of hair from the part down towards the forehead. Now divide this part into two equal sections.

Step 2: Taking a small piece of hair from the back section and cross it over the top, thereby adding it into the front section.

Step 3: The next step is to take a small piece of hair from the front section and cross it over the top, thereby adding it into the back section.

Step 4: Continue steps 2 and 3 until you achieve the fishtail French braid. Now raid the remaining hair down into a simple style fishtail braid. Tie off the end with an elastic band.

Step 5: After this is achieved, braid a second fishtail French braid on the right hand side of the head, making it trace down from the forehead, around the back of the head, and finishes at the nape of the neck on the left side. Tie off the braid with an elastic band.

Step 6: Now the right-sided braid should be secured inside the bun, slightly off-center, near the neck. Similarly, take the braid on the left side and wrap it in a counter-clock fashion, down along the bottom of the bun and around the right. Secure the ends with some hair pins. You will get the perfect look with a bit of hairspray and a few loose strands of hair around the face.


Donut Bun


This hairstyle is so easy, it hardly takes five minutes to get the final look. The funky donut bun suits every hair type and looks exactly like it sounds, giving you a huge fun bun that looks like a donut. All you need is some bobby pins, hair spray and a hair doughnut or sponge (they come in black, brown and yellow color; chose the one which roughly matches your hair.)

Get the exact look here by following this easy tutorial:

Step 1: Put your hair in a high ponytail. This will determine your bun’s final position. Now take the doughnut and thread your ponytail through the middle of it.

Step 2: The center of your ponytail that is pulled through the doughnut should be sort of pressed down to cover the sponge. Now, hold the center of the bun with one hand (to keep the original shape intact) and slowly wind the end of your hair in round motion round the sponge.

Step 3: Just work your way around and under the bun and keep the bun tight so that loose strands of hair don’t escape(making the bun fully covered and smooth).

Step 4: Use bobby pins to secure the rest of the loose hair beneath the bun. Now it’s up to you to make the bun as neat or as messy as required. A messy donut bun with a few loose strands from either sides of the face looks great for a casual evening out.


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