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What hairstyle will suit your face shape?

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A great haircut is a powerful thing. A proper haircut can make you feel completely revived and can also lift a few years off your face. No matter the shape of the face- oval, heart, oblong, square or round, there are certain haircuts that look best on you and then there are a few that aren’t quite pleasing. So here are a few apt hairstyles for different face shapes!

Before deciding upon the perfect hairstyle suitable for your face, know the exact shape of your face. Find the best match from the following descriptions and pictures. Keep in mind that even though your face may not be an exact match of any shape, it will look like one shape overall.


1) Oval shape

Oval Face Shape:

  • The jaw and the forehead are the same width
  • Shape of the face is curvilinear (having curved line or lines)


 2) Round Shape

Round Face Shape:

  • Width is almost the same as length
  • Circular shaped


3) Heart shape

Heart Face Shape:

  • Jawline is a little narrow
  • Wide at the cheekbones and forehead


4) Square shape

Square Face Shape:

  • Broad and strong forehead
  • Bony (angular) jaw


 5) Oblong Shape

Oblong Face Shape:

  • Straight, long cheek line
  • Face is longer than it is wide


Now that you’ve determined what type of face you have, let us have a look at the hairstyles that will likely suit your face the best!


Hairstyles for Oval Face Shape:

oval hairstyle- short    oval hairstyle - long

We’d call you lucky if you have an oval face shape! People with this face shape tend to pull off almost every hairstyle with ease and oomph. Short hair looks great on oval faces. Bands can also help to soften facial features and give a balanced overall look. If you want to draw more attention to those killer cheekbones, we recommend that you try a hairstyle with a little width to it, layers or waves.


Hairstyles for Round Face Shape:

round shape hairstyle    round shape hairstyle 2

If you have a round face- i.e. soft and wide cheeks, non-angular features- the layered look is the one for you. Layered, longer cuts look best on this face type. A bob can work too but the length should be slightly A-line i.e. short layers in the front and longer in the back. We advise that you completely skip bangs and choppy cuts, which can accentuate the roundness of the face.


Hairstyles for Heart Face Shape:

hert shape short    heart shape - long

As the name implies, the heart-shaped face is wider at the top and comes to a point at the chin. Ladies with a heart-shaped face can play around with a variety of lengths. Full bangs that are cut straight across the face will be the ideal haircut for those with a heart-shaped face. Layers that fall around the cheeks and side-swept long bangs also look great on ladies with heart-shaped face.


Hairstyles for Square Face Shape:

Hollywood Domino And Bovet 1822 Gala Benefiting Artists For Peace And Justice - Arrivals    square hairstyle - long

If you have angular features and a significantly wide face, specifically the jaw line, then you qualify for the square face shape. Ladies with this face shape should opt for a cut that is both layered and soft. If you go for bangs, choose the kind that creates a movement in a sweeping effect. Avoid sharp-edged bobs and straight-across bangs, which can make a square-shaped face look boxy.


Hairstyles to for Oblong Face Shape:

oblong hairstyle

Ladies with oblong face shape can carry styles that are short to medium in length with longer top layers. Straight across bangs with a side-parting does wonders for ladies with oblong-shaped face. Layered styles in long and medium lengths adds body with curly and wavy textures and are great for relaxing the long straight lines of oblong face shapes.


These suggestions are basic and meant to lead you into the right direction. If still in doubt, seek help from a local hair expert who has the experience and recommendations to modify the best hairstyle for you.

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